General Company Policies and Procedures Limea - Fisma Spa

Our standpoints:


  • Our performances are assessed considering the needs and requirements of our customers;
  • Our customers perceive us as a leader in the manufacturing of approved and non-approved metal packages across a wide range of shapes and sizes, attention to quality, flexibility, competitiveness as well as ability to customize products and adhere to delivery deadlines. Our target markets encompass domestic and international fillers of paints and coatings;
  • Our goal is to establish good close business relationships based on customer trust, which allows us to know in advance the demand for quantities and types; our staff support the customers in managing their orders, in arranging for artworks and relevant possible changes.


  • Continuously keep up and enhance our know-how about the products;
  • Work out and encourage the use of even more performing products;
  • Continuously expand the range of approved packages fit for the transportation of dangerous goods;
  • Seek out leading suppliers in their field able to help us meet the performance standards required by our customers;
  • Reinvest in the most efficient machinery and plant available from leading manufacturers in the sector;
  • Monitor every step in the manufacturing process;
  • Test each package in according with the companies’ quality practice;
  • Deliver “just-in-time” and offer an inventory service as required by the customer.

Current mandatory and voluntary rules:

  • Comply with mandatory and voluntary regulations (contractual, national, European and international), with the compulsory and optional specifications of the product and its relevant manufacturing process as well as with the requirements of administrative and human resources practices;
  • Ensure the continuous updating of the applicable provisions thanks to the appropriate information channels.

Human resources:

  • Quality and customer service benefit from the expertise of all the employees of the company. The company actively seeks to encourage staff participation and involvement in the work place to enhance both product and service, but to create a working environment that allows each individual employee to feel fulfilled in their individual roles and participate in the development of the business and help achieve common goals;
  • Continuous training, targets-oriented effectiveness, organization, optimization and respect towards customers and suppliers are the basic elements of our professionalism.


  • All the organizational procedures are established and solidified in a company quality manual with the help of concerned personnel;
  • Every manager and supervisor work continuously to enhance these procedures;
  • Our managerial method is implemented in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards and we aim at its continuous enhancement;
  • Implementation of manufacturing procedures able to correctly identify and track the product;
  • Monitor the efficiency of our methods by means of necessary devices, internal controls on our plants and inspections at our suppliers’ sites.


  • Promote practices for raw material recycling;
  • Consider sustainability as a structural and long-run concept; that’s why the board of directors has resolved to commit ourselves and reduce the social and environmental impacts through actions to this aim.

Social responsibilities:

  • Ensure that:
    • workers are not denied freedom of association, appointment of representatives of their own choosing and collective bargaining with employers;
    • forced labour is not employed;
    • no children being less than the age of completing compulsory schooling;
    • equality of opportunity (job and treatment) is not denied;
    • working conditions do not threaten workers’ health and safety.


Occupational Safety:

  • Adopt safety practices to avoid occupational and non-occupational accidents and promote the culture of prevention at the workplace.


  • Actions such as the installation of photovoltaic modules, the reduction of energy consumption are only a few of our commitments about the environmental issue together our own wish to continuously improve our manufacturing processes and every other related activity;
  • This way our customers can benefit from a sensible purchase of the raw materials.


  • Seek for those technological and organizational devices able to enhance the company’s performance;
  • Increasingly rely on IT tools, whose implementation helps to avoid faults, redundant working stages, improve identification and traceability of raw material, component and half-finished products.

Quality Management:

  • Regularly monitor and review when necessary our Quality Management System;
  • Facilitate its knowledge and implementation within the company;
  • Make every manager and supervisor aware of the importance of it.

Luigi Pagani

Chairman of the Board